Timo Kurvi is a certified Iyengar Yoga and AcroYoga teacher in Helsinki, Finland. Also a professional actor, singer, dancer, he is interested in exploring the relationship between body, mind and expression, in order to find where both he and his students are at their most creative, curious, and daring.

This Week (25–30.8.2023)

Iyengar Yoga Classes

Restorative practice this week in my level 2 classes, and introducing standing forward bends in my beginner’s course.

Acro&Yoga Classes

This week in our Acro&Yoga beginner’s course finish working our first flying transition and start practicing flying inversions.

Iyengar Association Open Classes on Saturday

This Saturday September 30th is an open class offered by the Iyengar Yoga Association of Finland. Classes are only 5€ for association members (membership is only 20€/year) and 15€ for everyone else. Teaching this month is Anneli Rautiainen!

Time: 10–11.30 A.M.

Place: Studio Yama and streaming via Zoom (association class only).

Register: by sending an email to info@iyengajooga.fi by Thursday August 28th to register, letting us know how you which to attend class. 

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Video Course

Do you want to yoga at your own time and place this summer? Do so with my Iyengar yoga video course. All you need is a gmail email address and access to the internet. These are level 2 classes (a beginner’s course is in the works). You get ten, 90 minute classes for only 50€. 

Can can order the video course by sending me an email: timo@timokurviyoga.com

Here is a brief example: downward facing dog supported in a belt.

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