WHY YOGA? – MIND (vol. 3)

WHY YOGA? – MIND is the last one of three Iyengar Yoga workshop series taught by Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher Timo Kurvi.

Each workshop will be the time to talk about yoga, get to know to the subject from many different perspectives. We will dive into the THEORY of Yoga in a very down-to-earth way. So don’t worry if you don’t know yet much or nothing at all about yoga. This workshop is here for you to introduce you to YOGA.

Workshop include also physical PRACTICE of asana as we intend to answer the question WHY yoga is so good way to keep us healthy and happy.

The MIND workshop is all about the effects of yoga on our mind, mood, sleep, stress, anxiety, concentration, way we live and way we see world. What happens when we start yoga? How does it effect on us? We will come closer to the topic, explaining that yoga is not a religion, that it is not a magic. Let’s figure out what’s yoga is?

We will look at the subject of yoga and our mind from different perspectives as we intend to get closer to learn about meaning of yoga practice, asanas, variations, using of the yoga props so that we can build the practice that is just right for us. We will try to find out why and how yoga works? We will share our experiences on how yoga has changed our lives.

The workshops are taught in both Finnish and English. You can sign up for the workshops individually or all together for a special price.

Time: Saturday 7.12. at 11-13

Place: Ilma Helsinki, Vanha Talvitie 11 A (4.krs), Helsinki

One workshop: 39€
All 3 workshops: 100€

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