No Acro&Yoga this spring 2021 due to covid-19

It is with regret that I announce I will not be teaching Acro&Yoga classes this spring also. During this corona pandemic I am not convinced that this form of partnered acrobatics can be safely practiced between anyone outside of your immediate family. Certainly not between groups of strangers. Even in the most basic pose, front bird, the face of one practitioner is directly above the face of an other, making the avoidance of microdroplets coming into direct contact with someone’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth almost impossible. Plastic face shields might prevent this, but in turn will cause other problems should someone, for example, even gently slip on top of their training partner (which happens often). Then when you take into account that practitioners must touch each other and that classes are usually held inside closed spaces during the fall, winter and spring; I cannot conceive of a manner in which the corona virus would not rapidly spread in an Acro&Yoga class. And so I choose to wait out the storm.

I respect my AcroYoga and circus colleagues who have decided to teach, and while I dissent from that choice, I full heartedly hope that you find the safest manner possible in which to share this wonderful practice. I will join you when we have a reliable vaccine and this global challenge is behind us.

Om shanti.